Cheap and easy ways to improve your engine performance


We often find, after a while, that the engine’s performance is no longer the same, or that it doesn’t behave the way it used to. There is also the situation in which we buy a used car from which we do not know what to expect, but we want to be sure that it offers us “everything he can”. Below we have prepared some key aspects that we must take into account when you feel that the car no longer rapid or when we buy a used car and we want to make sure that it works to its full potential.

  1. Change the air filter – as we presented in another article , changing the air filter can have visible effects on engine performance;
  2. Replace fuel filter: A new fuel filter better filters out impurities and ensures optimum fuel flow to the engine, while reducing the load on the fuel pump.
  3. Change the oil : quality and timely changed engine oil is vital to improve engine performance; the type of oil used is also very important – it must comply with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  4. For petrol engines, check and replace spark plugs and plugs : spark plugs are very important for petrol engines; a new set of spark plugs can significantly improve engine performance.
  5. Use quality fuel – the technical book of each car mentions the type of fuel to be used and the rules that it must follow; Avoid using fuel from a questionable source purchased from other people, just because it’s cheaper. At the same time, it is recommended to clean the tank on cars older than 10-15 years, to remove any deposits that may clog the filter or injectors;
  6. Check the hoses – any small leak of an aged or loose hose due to vibrations or shocks can significantly reduce engine performance. If you notice a lack of power or unusual engine behavior, it is very important that these hoses are checked by a specialist before resorting to other operations.

Although it is possible to “get rid of cheap” by following the steps above, these operations are just the first steps to follow and address the cause of the most common and simplest problems that can affect engine performance. If none of the above points work, it means that there are malfunctions that require more complex diagnosis and interventions, in which case it is recommended to call specialists.


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