Does manual gearbox need oil change?


A fairly common question among drivers, which often creates  confusion, is “Do you need to change the oil in a manual gearbox? ” There are also debates about the length of time or kilometers at which this exchange takes place. Due to the fact that the automatic gearboxes specify a regular service interval for the automatic gearboxes which includes oil change and special filters, the doubts appear especially in the case of manual ones.

To answer these questions, yes, the oil in the gearbox needs to be changed . Even the manual one.

Why? Although the gearbox wear level is much lower than that of the engine, there is still the risk of metal cracking or small splinters coming off the sprockets. These residues contaminate the oil, making it abrasive. Moreover, after a long period of time, the oil naturally loses its lubricating properties. These things lead to accelerated wear of the gearbox components without our realizing it – until it’s too late.

It wouldn’t even ruin a regular checkup.  Why? Even if the oil in the gearbox does not need to be replaced yet, the oil level may be low due to hidden leaks (for example, near planetary gears). Partial or total lack of oil in the can be more harmful than oil that has not changed in time. As the gearbox oil cannot be checked as easily as the engine oil, it is recommended to be checked by a specialist at each overhaul or at most once every two overhauls.

gearbox oil drainWhen does the gearbox oil change?  If the gearbox works properly and there are no unusual noises, the quickest way is to check the user manual of the car. If a certain replacement interval is not specified in the manual, it is best to perform a periodic check and change the oil between 50,000 – 80,000 km or at least once every 2-3 years. Of course, the way the car is used should also be taken into account and the change interval should be adjusted accordingly. There are also some car models were the gearboxes do not require maintenance, but everyone agrees that a “fresh” oil change can only do good, if you plan to keep the car as long as possible. more time.

What type of oil is used? A very important aspect of changing the oil in the gearbox is the use of the correct type of oil, specified by the car manufacturer. Using another type of oil may cause damage or void the warranty. If the oil type is not specified in the machine’s user manual, you can call an online oil selector or specialist based on the engine code or VIN code of the machine.

In conclusion, according to the principle of prevention, if you want to keep a car in perfect condition for as long as possible, one of the things to keep in mind is that the oil in the manual gearbox must be changed at a certain interval even if some people say that it should not be changed or you hear reviews like “I did 200,000 km without changing the oil in the box and it works well”.

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