Global launch of Nokian Hakkapeliitta R5 tires


Nokian Tires, the world’s leading winter tire manufacturer, has launched a product showcasing its latest tires. We have to admit that the progress is quite significant, and a lot of technology has been invested in the new tires to reach this level.

Hakkapeliitta R5 passenger car and R5 SUV tires are the newest tires in the manufacturer’s range and have been designed from the ground up with some features for maximum safety in winter. They have also launched the Hakkapeliitta R5 EV, a tire dedicated to Electric and Hybrid vehicles that offers ice grip, comfort and eco-friendly driving functions.

The new Hakkapeliitta R5 product line comes with a comprehensive selection of over 160 products ranging in size from 14 to 22 inches, Hakkapeliitta R5 are available in speed categories Q (160 km / h), R (170 km / h) and T (190 km / h). Most products are XL marked with the highest possible load capacity in that size. The tire selection will be available to customers this fall .

tire Nokian Hakkapeliitta r5

The main innovations that have been applied to these tires can be read below:
  • Double Block Grip – Superior grip and handling – The new two-block structure ensures maximum grip on slippery winter surfaces.
  • Arctic Grip Crystals – Grip on ice – Third-generation microscopic grip crystals are integrated into the tread rubber and serve as built-in targets, creating sharp, hard grip edges inside the rubber. As the tire wears out, the crystals come into play and offer a welcome grip.
  • 3D Lock Slots – Accurate and Predictable Maneuverability – Self-locking 3D slots press the tread blocks into contact with the road, which improves maneuverability during cornering and lane changes.
  • Green Trace – Safer and more environmentally friendly – Excellent winter grip at all temperatures, excellent mileage and low rolling resistance. The large amount of natural rubber keeps the compound flexible in all conditions. More than a third of the materials are renewable and recycled.
  • SilentDrive technology – Maximum comfort – Exceptionally low noise is achieved by adding a layer of acoustic foam to the inner lining of the tire. Acoustic foam absorbs resonance from the air cavity of the tire, resulting in lower noise levels and increased driving comfort. This technology is applied to the Hakkapeliitta R5 EV range.
  • Silent Touch design – Comfortable and pleasant ride – The improved comfort features of the Hakkapeliitta R5 have been achieved by eliminating the most annoying noises.
  • Aramid Sidewall Technology – Durability and Surprise Protection – The sidewall composite is extremely durable and puncture resistant and contains extremely strong aramid fibers. The same material is used in the aerospace and defense industry. Aramid fibers strengthen the sidewall rubber to withstand external impacts and wheel flange pressures. This technology is applied to the Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV range.

What caught our attention was the patented Winter Safety Indicator (WSI) in the tread, which further improves safety. It displays the remaining tread in millimeters, and the snowflake symbol remains visible to a depth of four millimeters of the tread. Once the snowflake has worn out, it is recommended to purchase new winter tires to ensure safe driving.

We can’t wait to test the new tires on all road conditions in Romania and come back with an article for you.



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