How much does it cost to paint a car element?


Disclaimer – Our price analysis is based on the Romanian market. The cost in other countries may be lower or higher depending on the income. If we refer to the prices in Western Europe, the cost is higher than in Romania because the labor costs are also higher. Thus began to appear businesses that send cars to paint in Romania, then these cars return and are sold in the market where they left. Thus, these services can have a higher profit margin.

In 2017 we wrote an article about the price per item at the paint shop. The article had over 73,000 views and over 30 comments on the article. Next, the drivers want to know what the tariffs are in 2022, for this reason, we said to renew the subject, to update it with the new market prices.

So what are the prices?

If in 2017 the price per element was between 50 Euro and 100 Euro with a classic paint, in 2022 the prices start from 100 Euro and go up to over 200 Euro depending on the size of the painted element. Here, depending on the color, metallic paint is more expensive than a classic one and involves other painting techniques.

In 5 years, the price per item has doubled. It is necessary to take into account the final price and the type of service where the car arrives, in the dealership the prices are a little higher.

How do we choose the service for repainting?

Most follow the recommendations, some choose to read reviews on the internet and there are also those who take the car directly to the dealership. It’s just a matter of choice because we look in vain at the prices, the quality of the work, and the end result if the time spent in service is high.

price per painted item
Scratched rear wing

I’ve noticed a tendency lately to ask the first question “how long does it take?” instead of “how much does it cost?” The reason is obvious, we need a car, every day – when we can’t use it makes our commute difficult.

Is the car worth painting complete?

When there are several elements that need to be redone, it is advisable to repaint the whole car. Here the results are much better and there are no differences in color from one element to another, the work being more uniform. Prices have also increased here and start from 3500 lei to 5-6000 lei. If we talk about an SUV, there the price is about 1000 lei higher.


Recommendations for evaluating painting work!

  • Check that the paint is not leaking, or improperly painted.
  • Check for unacceptable hue differences in different light conditions and from different angles.
  • Traces of sanding, paint blisters, pores, or craters in the paint show an improper painting process.
  • Check that the plastic wheel guards have been reinstalled as this would lead to rust + and noise when stones/dirt hit over time.
  • Check that the heat shields next to the engine/drum have been reinstalled – if you notice a smell like burnt paint and do not know from where (they may even be a fire hazard)

Just like 5 years ago, we don’t want you to need the information in this article, but if you have access to these services, it’s important to be careful because improper painting can devalue your car at the time of sale. If there is more important information on this topic, you can fill it out directly on Facebook or right here under the article through comments.

Also, because there will be a lot of questions about pricing for differently painted items, we invite all specialists working in this field to answer readers so that in addition to providing useful information that you provide – you can also gain new customers.

Please let us know what are the prices in your country and what elements you needed painting!



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