How to prevent turbocharger wear?


If you have Turbocharger equipped engine, here are 5 things you can do to help reduce the cost of reconditioning or replacing your turbocharger. Very few people know that the most important factor that influences the life of the turbo is the driver himself, so we hope that this article will help you.

So let’s start the list!

  1. The first aspect is the ENGINE OIL . You must know that the oil reaches the turbo, where it lubricates all the moving parts. It is very important, to choose the right oil, with the right specifications for your engine and to change the oil on time. In fact, some drivers change the engine oil faster than the manufacturer indicates (for prevention). We don’t insist on oil anymore – there are already several articles discussing on what exactly leads to increased oil consumption .
  2. ENGINE HEATING – also depends on optimal lubrication. Don’t accelerate immediately after starting the engine; it takes 5-10 seconds for the oil to be distributed from the engine to the turbocharger. Moreover, when it is cold, the oil also needs to be hot to ensure optimal lubrication. Bottom line: try to refrain from going “fast” as soon as you start the engine, but let it idle for at least 10 seconds, then start moving without  powerful acceleration until the engine and oil touch optimum working temperature.
  3. TURBOCHARGER COOLING is just as important . Long round trips with strong acceleration can heat up the turbine components so much that the oil starts to boil. Sudden shutdown of the engine in this situation leads to the formation of residues and carbon deposits in the turbocharger. So, when you stop, let the engine idle for a while until you gather your things, your phones, to allow time for the oil to circulate and the temperature in the turbo to drop. In this way, you also prevent the physical damage of the turbine components, in addition to avoiding the deposition of residues.
  4. Perhaps the most important aspect, is that drivers OVERSTRESS the TURBOCHARGER. When you drive in high gear and slow down (low RPM), the turbine is forced, which, in time, will damage it. Try using the gearbox effectively and use a lower gear when you overtake or climb a hill.
  5. Regarding maintenance, it is also recommended to “FORCE THE TURBOCHARGER ” after a period in which there was a lot of traffic at low speeds (usually in the city), going out on the highway that allows acceleration up to 4-5000 RPM for 10-15 seconds, reducing the calamine and deposits inside the turbine. Be careful! The engine and oil must be at optimum operating temperature before doing so.

However, if you are having problems with your turbine, we recommend that you contact a professional refurbishment and repair center to prevent the complete destruction of the turbocharger

We will not go into other more technical aspects, because we consider this are the most important for you to know. We look forward to see what is your experience regarding car turbochargers so we encourage every one to tell us in the comment section.


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