Launch of the new electric tailgate system for Dacia Duster (P)


EDOTEC.RO has announced at the beginning of the year the launch of a dedicated electric tailgate kit for automatic lifting/lowering of the trunk for Dacia Duster. The announced system is aftermarket and developed by the technical team from Edotec in collaboration with partner suppliers and comes with a 2-year warranty.

The system is compatible with DACIA DUSTER 3. all drivers who have so far wanted such a system, as it is not available from the factory, can order and install it on the car. The kit is available for the Dacia Duster 3 model launched in 2017 and later on the face-lift version launched in 2021.

About the system

The intelligent electric tailgate is a product that allows the user to automatically raise or lower the trunk from inside or from outside the car with the remote. It has integrated protection to prevent the person from getting caught when closing and memory when setting the height. It is intuitive to use and turns the car into an intelligent one while increasing the comfort of the users.

Dacia Duster electric trunk

What does such a Kit contain?

The automatic electric tailgate kit for opening-closing the trunk from contains all the necessary elements for a complete installation:

  • Electric tailgate lift arms
  • Central unit – controls the system
  • Driver button – fitted in the passenger compartment
  • Luggage compartment button – mounted on the tailgate

Dacia Duster 2 trunk lift lowering kit

What functions do we find in such a system?

  • Easy remote control – If your hands are busy and you can’t open the trunk – with this kit, you can easily open it from the car key by pressing the key
  • Luggage compartment button – With the button, you can close or lift the boot with a simple push
  • Driver button – fitted in the passenger compartment – From the driver’s seat you can easily lift or close the trunk with the push of a button without having to get out of the car
  • Safety, accident prevention – When closing the trunk if the boot detects a person or other object, it stops automatically to prevent injuries
  • Height setting memory – The lock / open system can be set to a certain height depending on the user. It retains the memory set
  • Warning sounds – When the trunk is raised or lowered the system will generate warning sounds so that the user is aware of the operation and avoids possible injuries

Advantages over a universal system

Compared to other universal systems, the EDOTEC.RO kit has PLUG AND PLAY installation and almost everything is plugged directly into the car system without the need to drill the chassis, without cut cables or connections, or with the replacement of the original locking mechanism of the trunk.

Another advantage is that this system comes with TWO ARMS for lifting – lowering compared to an arm that has a faster-operating speed and has a longer operating period without the risk of deformation.

advantages of using this system

On the EDOTEC website, you can see more details about this aftermarket electrical system including how it is tested and verified in extreme conditions such as very low or very high temperature (60 degrees Celsius).

Installation and warranty

The assembly takes a few hours – between 4 and 6 hours and the installation can be done in all authorized services. In general, all the audio tuning workshops can easily install this kit – they have all the necessary instructions. In addition to the 2-year electrical kit warranty, you will also receive a service installation warranty.

On the link below you can find the aftermarket electric tailgate system for raising/lowering the trunk for Dacia Duster (after 2017) at the price of 668 Euro. For other information please contact our supplier directly on the link below:


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