Why does the engine burns oil? Tell us your experience!


Today we talk about a topic in a more interactive format about some problems with the engine that lead to oil consumption/burn. We will make a list and suggest that you share your experience with us either here or on the Facebook page and we will periodically complete the article with suggestions that seem relevant to us. When giving us feedback, it is important to mention the car model, engine, year, km and the cause you have discovered regarding the oil consumption / loss of your engine.

Therefore, here are the reasons for oil burn/consumption, by categories:


  • wrong oil for your engine
  • oil change is very important. The deadline indicated by the manufacturer must not be exceeded. Also you must consider how is the engine operating. An engine that was used more aggressively needs an oil with high temperature tolerances and it must be changed more often (the burn oil becomes more thinner and starts to deposit on the moving parts).
  • missing oil cap
  • wrong segment alignment (rare cases)
  • Counterfeit or poor quality oils
  • Type of fuel used: a fuel with a higher octane / cetane number can cause oil consumption


  • segments or cylinder walls  wear(white smoke from the exhaust until engine warms up)
  • used turbine bearing (emits bluish-gray smoke at start-up)
  • wear of engine gaskets
  • used turbine ( see here how to prevent turbine wear )
  • oil seals on valves are “baked”, it is known that the plastic in them yields faster than the segments
  • cylinders may be worn; the diagnosis can be established exactly after a compression check
  • Turbocharger losses pressure (damaged hoses)


  • oil pan (sump) is leaking
  • engine gasket are broken
  • oil filter cracked / missing gasket from the oil filter
  • worn EGR valve

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, leave us a comment with your experience and how you found the solution, either on the article or on Facebook and we will make sure that the list will be filled to be useful to drivers facing this problem.


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