Why this project? We have more than 15 years of experience in the automotive market. We know the manufacturer’s efforts to clarify who they are, what they do, which are their strengths, in which areas they excel…while the end-users, the drivers, and the car owners are, generally speaking, left in complete darkness, blindly following the recommendations given by the experts. Oftentimes, the big question mark might come directly from the auto specialists, when the car is already in service: for instance, they might ask you “should I choose a Febi or a Continental water pump?” You start panicking and your first impulse is to make a choice based on price. However, is the product with the lowest price always the best option? Or does a higher price also mean better performance? Our mission is to clarify the automotive aftermarket brands and what lays behind their closed doors. At the next visit at a car service you will be better informed, more acknowledgeable and able to make the best possible decision.


Is your car brand new? You don’t have many possibilities available: you simply have to follow the car dealer recommendations when it comes to the auto parts, the supplies and the accessories you buy. You lose your warranty? Usually that’s out of the question, but we will discuss this subject another time, in a more detailed article. Which auto parts should be certified at the Romanian Auto Register (R.A.R)? The point is, over time, we met manufacturers who provide the original equipment (OE) and then, after a certain period, they commercialize the same products through the aftermarket brands. Other times they make similar products that differ just slightly from the original ones. Of course, there are some manufacturers who make those products and, funny enough, manage to deliver better ones, technically speaking, then the OE. So, which price point should you choose if it’s made by the same manufacturer?


Some aftermarket brands are easily accessible. You probably are familiar with well-established brands like Bosch, Denso, or Champion when it comes to spark plugs.  You surely know of Rombat, Bosch, or Varta when it comes to auto batteries. Michelin and Pirelli are well-known tyre manufacturers. However, which one should you choose? Why should you be interested in what certain brands have to tell you? How many options do you actually have? There are a lot of things to be said and automotive-am.com aims to discuss with you about all these brands. We will analyze and present their product range, on-point comparisons and all their promo materials. Follow us and you will be able to make optimal decisions, based on the newly gained information, provided by us.


In this section we will talk about the various business types you will encounter in the automotive aftermarket. Gradually, we will present certain business profiles, from the importers and the car services to the online shops, the car dealers and the tuning workshops.  Therefore, we launch an open invitation to the Romanian automotive market and the car users to get in touch with each other. We will summarize the main business profiles that bring valuable benefits to the car users or to those interested to invest in this area. You can also request advice from us, as our team includes some automotive specialists who were actively involved in different auto business types.


In this area, we will bring you the latest news and info about auto-related events from all over the country. We will give the manufacturers a chance to publish their press releases here, to announce the launch of their new products or their most recent updates. Worth noting: our content targets two different kinds of readers. On one hand, we have those who don’t have vast technical knowledge in this domain and who don’t have experience in car servicing, while on the other we have the auto specialists, who will receive a separate type of content, devoted to them.

Adrian Abrudan
Managing Director Automotive-AM.com